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Protection against unexpected repairs & costly water bills.

ServLine® Protection

To help offset the cost of water leaks, we have developed a new and broader program called the NWUD ServLine® Program.

Residential customers are already enrolled in the ServLine® Water Loss Protection Program which includes the following coverage:

  • Water Bill Protection from excess water charges resulting from eligible plumbing leaks, up to $2,500.
  • No deductible. Coverage limited to two claims every 12 months.
    ( If coverage is declined there is a 30 day waiting period to re-enroll.)
  • Residential leak adjustments are only available through the NWUD ServLine® Water Loss Protection Program.
    If you would like to decline protection and accept full responsibility for water bills resulting from eligible plumbing leaks, please call the customer service number below.

Customer Service can enroll or de-enroll from Basic Residential Protection, and answer all questions regarding the ServLine® Program.

ServLine® Customer Service:  (423) 401-1140
ServLine® Claims:  (800) 366-1662

ServLine® Customer Service:
(423) 401-1140

ServLine® Claims:
(800) 366-1662

ADD ServLine® Protection

Add Residential water leak protection for $1.80 a month.

Add Additional Coverage
As your water service provider, we are dedicated to providing you with reliable service and a safe water supply. Over the years, we have made many improvements to our system and will continue upgrading and maintaining our equipment to provide you with this service.

One service we presently provide is for leak adjustments. After reviewing our present leak adjustment policy and the hardship it causes for families, we looked at alternatives to mitigate hardship. Therefore, we have developed a new and broader program called the NWUD ServLine® Program. The new NWUD ServLine® Program will enhance our old leak adjustment policy, plus we have added protection for the repair of your water line when it breaks. It's essential that you are enrolled in both programs for your protection.

Our enhanced NWUD ServLine® Program provides homeowners with a service for leak adjustments (business and large meter customers are not included at this time). The basic service we are excited about is the "Leak" Protection Program. This service enhances our present policy. This program also provides a twice per 12 months leak protection up to $2,5000.00, with no deductible. So, if you have a leak costing $2,500 or less, the Leak Protection Program would pay the entire cost of the leak.

The cost for this service is only $1.80 per month, for up to $2,500 in protection. So, if you had a $1,000 leak and used our present policy, you would pay $500. Under this service, you would pay nothing.

To implement this enhanced service, we changed how we made adjustments on June 1, 2015, and began billing $1.80 per month for the new ServLine® "leak" service. For us to ensure you are protected, YOU WERE AUTOMATICALLY ENROLLED IN THIS SERVICE if you were a residential customer. Your protection began on June 1, 2015. If you do not want to participate in this service, you must call our ServLine® customer service number, and they will document your cancellation, and we will remove the charge from your bill. If you choose not to participate, you will be responsible for the entire cost of a leak. North West Utility District will only adjust bills for homeowner's leaks through our ServLine® Program effective June 1, 2015. If you decide to cancel and want to re-enroll, you may do so at any time. A 30-day wait period for your service to become effective again will apply. You will be responsible for the entire bill until the policy goes into effect.

North West Utility District is excited about this new service as it protects you as a homeowner from unforeseen costs, especially since there is no deductible. You get a $2,500 leak policy that will pay for 2 leak per year for only $1.80 per month. We are also excited about expanding our service to provide optional coverage for repair/replacement for fixing broken water lines. We encourage you to consider adding additional coverage for repair costs. If you would like to discuss any program further, don't hesitate to contact NWUD ServLine® Program customer service at (423) 401-1140.

Finally, we wish to express to our homeowners that while this service is not mandatory, they are services we feel may prevent undue financial hardships should you have a leak or broken pipe. Again, we are dedicated to providing reliable service and a safe water supply for you and your family. These new services are just another way we feel improves our dedication to you.

North West Utility District

Northwest Utility ServLine Protection

ServLine® Line Protection

NWUD offers water line repair/replacement services that you may want to consider.

Even though residential customers are automatically enrolled in the ServLine® Water Loss Protection Program, we encourage you to consider adding the water line protection coverage for repair costs.

  • Covers repair or replacement of water line up to $10,000. No deductible. No annual limit.

  • Provides water line protection from your meter to the foundation of your home.

  • Be protected from these expensive repairs! Enrollment after June 1st requires a 30 day waiting period.

  • Includes $500 for site restoration and $500 for private paved surfaces such as sidewalks or driveways.

  • Adding Water Line Protection after June 1st will result in a 30 day waiting period.
Add Additional Coverage

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