North West Utility District of Hamilton County, Tennessee provides water service to 7,500 customers in the Soddy Daisy, Falling Water, Mowbray Mountain, and Sale Creek communities.



Fire Hydrant Flushing Program

During the month of March, North West Utility District begins its comprehensive flushing program throughout the District. The goal of this program is to ensure that the drinking water quality is at its optimal level and to properly maintain the District’s water distribution lines. Flushing is a process by which water is moved through a water pipe at a high velocity so that a scouring action is created. Water is then discharged through a hydrant which in turn removes any material build-up from the pipe. The material removed from this process is harmless and requires no special treatment. Use of this flushing technique is critical to the proper maintenance of water quality and the District’s water system. The following questions are frequently asked by many of our customers. Learn more about the program